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The Nuba Mountains International Association (NMIA) is a non-profit, social and humanitarian organization charged with mobilizing and unifying Nuba People in Diaspora; enlightening the world public opinion on NM predicament. The focus of NMIA is to assist the Nuba victims of brutal human rights abuses committed against them by Sudan government. 





The ultimate vision of Nuba Mountains International Association (NMIA) is to reintegrate and unify Nuba people with their different tendencies to act with exerted efforts in confronting the upraising challenges and to restore the dignity and glory of its people.

Goals & Objectives:-

The Nuba Mountains International Association (NMIA) has been established and committed to perform the following major objectives:

 1. To revitalize the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity among the Nuba people in the Diaspora.

  2. To deepened the spirit of originality and self-confidence in the Nuba people.

 3. To avert the interference of association into religious, tribal or political altercations. 

 4. To spread awareness among Nuba society on issues related health and educations.

 5. To held workshops  among Nuba in attempt to enhance their social, cultural and  political rights.

 6. To Sensitize Nuba people worldwide to collect contributions for the purpose of assisting their victims back home who have been affected as a direct consequences of the Sudanese civil war.  
 7. To encourage Nuba people in investing their finances in their local economic resources.

 8. To spread awareness and draw the attention of the International community to the problem and human right violations in the Nuba Mountains.



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