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The Nuba Mountains (NM) region is located in the central part of Sudan. It is one of the most forgotten regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. The people of the NM have been subjected to a hidden genocidal campaign by the government of Sudan for the last seventeen (19) years. This ethnic cleansing has devastated the area and produced an unprecedented human suffering to the Nuba to the present day.






The Nuba Mountains region comprises of 30,000 square miles. The region which is shaped in the new form of an irregular pentagon with its short site to the northwest and loge side to the south, is a home of real kush people with 52 ethnic groups with a very rich culture, natural resources, availability of customs, traditions and heritages.

The Nuba people, composed of ninety-nine sub-glance of black African tribes living in the Nuba Mountains regions situated in the Sudanese province of South Kordufan, have been besieged by the regular Sudanese Army for ninteen years. not a single shop or restaurant, no waste.

The genocide perpetrated on the Nuba people, obviously the result of the world powers’ struggle over Sudanese natural riches, remains concealed from the world public: no observers, reporters or even members of humanitarian organizations are allowed into the Nuba Mountains, the most inaccessible place on the planet. In the besieged Nuba Mountains there is no electricity, no petrol,

the mountains are the least consumer-oriented spot on the globe. The Nuba Mountains are the heart of solid stone darkness, in the safety of which persist the last of the fighters for the right to be a Nuba. The Nuba Mountains are the black hole of the planet Earth, and yet one of the rare examples of primordial human sensibility and the symbiotic relationship between Man and Nature, a people that has managed to survive the twilight of the ancient Gods.



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