Work of Steering Committee  

Steering Committee for Uniting the Nuba people

  In the mid of October 2017 and in the midst of vibrant atmosphere, the social revolution was been erupted with campaign that calls for correcting the trajectory of works among the Nuba society  in USA , specifically within the Nuba Mountains International Association - USA . Henceforth, the group of compatriots who are caring about the future of the people of the Nuba Mountains began to call intensive consultation meetings with their expectations to create a common ground that will support the public interest of Nuba people.

After six consecutive gatherings, the mission initiators determined to form Steering Committee that will perform the mission of ameliorating the entire work of Nuba society in USA and the committee was formed on December 31, 2018 .

Reasons for establishment of Steering Committee
  After six

After six 

After six

After six

After six
Comprehensive mission of the Steering Committee ...Why?
  Demonstrable evidences of failures  
Violations and failures of NMIA committees in successive circulations

Release from NMIA New York branch (Arabic)

Release from current Steering Committee (Arabic)

Members of the current Steering Committee and their distinctions

Early interview concerning the NMIA situation  (Arabic)
Mission of Steering Committee
  What Steering Committee expected to achieve?  
  Inclusive reunification of all Nuba people

Temporarily conducting and lead the NMIA activities until the formation of executive board

  Appointing highly qualified consultants to direct NMIA into the rights directions

Summon for the General Conference for all Nuba people in USA to determine their destiny

Supervise the General Conference

Activities of Steering Committee
  Official documents  
  Official letter requesting the suspension and dissolution of illegitimate committee (Arabic)

Official letter to all NMIA state branches (Arabic)  

Official letter effective people (Arabic)    

Membership Form   
NMIA By-Laws (Arabic)   




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