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The Nuba Mountains International Association (NMIA) is:-
  A comprehensive board that encompasses all Nuba people despites of their religious, social or political affiliations. 
  A corporation strives to obliterate poverty and ignorance.  
 A social and humanitarian entity devoted to safeguard and protect Nuba people and endeavor to  preserve their culture and legacy.







The Federal Executive Committee (FEC) of NMIA was formed in 2001 to execute the goals of NMIA and implement the resolutions of the first NMIA Conference. The FEC is composed of representatives from nearly 23 States. This committee oversees the regional NMIA offices. It has circulation that changes every two years.

This website represents a source and a resource of the information on issues of concerns to Nuba. Also, it is a tool in reaching out to enhance global awareness and to sensitize the international Community of the atrocities taking place in the NM committed against the Nuba by the Fundamentalist Islamic regime of Khartoum and it successive governments .




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